1 July 2021


This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information
about EntreConf, please get in touch.

EntreConf is a dynamic new event to inspire our region’s entrepreneurs.

Practical advice on scaling up, exit planning, legal, financial, marketing and managerial help.

Inspiration from successful entrepreneurs.

Celebration of entrepreneurial excellence.

Opportunity to broker multiple new connections.

July 1st from 9.15am

Start-ups to scale-ups to serial entrepreneurs.

Intrapreneurs, business change-makers, new thinkers

Financial, legal, professional advisers: corporate structures to IP to investment; private wealth management; marketing; funders: angels, investment houses, PE; mentors; business partners

University partners

Tech likely to predominate: key strength of region. But we’re sector agnostic: inspiration can be gained from any business

Virtual event on July 1 plus dinner IRL in the autumn

Thought leadership

Deep-dive expertise

Entrepreneur profiles

Panel sessions

EntreLeague: Coolest, most interesting start-ups and scale-ups to watch, chosen by expert panel

Networking: randomised and more structured.

Detailed programme will be updated in the coming weeks. For the latest info, please make sure you sign up to our newsletter or follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Conference Passes now available for EntreConf.

Good news: you can attend EntreConf for free courtesy of our Sponsors. This is a limited offer so first come, first served.

Once the Sponsor-gifted tickets have gone, Conference Passes are £45.

Attendee guarantee: if you pay to attend but afterwards don’t think it was worth it, let us know and we’ll refund you in full.

Personal information and/or data provided on the registration form or collected during EntreConf 2021 may be shared by the conference organisers MediaClash with EntreConf sponsors, who may use it to communicate with you regarding this event and for pre- and post-event administration purposes. Information will not be shared elsewhere. For more information, please see MediaClash’s policy: www.mediaclash.co.uk/privacy-policy/

Via the wisdom of crowds approach, our Panel of Experts will highlight the coolest, brightest, most interesting entrepreneurial business in the region: the EntreLeague.

Our experts pick five each; we aggregate the results; and then we reveal the EntreLeague in stages during EntreConf. All will then appear on this site afterwards.

Panel of Experts

Please contact us if you would like to be considered for our Expert Panel. We welcome diversity in all respects, including by sector experience.

We work closely with all of our sponsors to craft content of great value to our attendees. Please talk with us about how you might be involved.

Tiered options include: Headline; Thought Leadership; Content Partner; Feature Sponsor; Dinner sponsor; and Associate Partner.

If you would like to share your insights as part of our Entrepreneurs’ Tales or be considered as a panellist, please let’s talk.

We are very ambitious for EntreConf. This first year is a (big) first step, with much more envisaged.

Autumn: we will hold a dinner for leading entrepreneurs and partners. An opportunity to come together IRL (finally). Please contact us if you are interested in being involved. Date and details TBD when we can be certain.

Summer 22: The Future is Unwritten indeed, but our expectation is to hold EntreConf IRL as a full-blown conference with dinner. Or indeed virtual-only.

We’ll ask all participants for their views after this one. Likely also to have other events clustered round it.

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you, as it were, on July 1.